The Story so far with LEAP

Healthy Living Platform was thrilled to feature as part of a series of videos with our partners: Lambeth Early Action Partnership- highlighting the achievements our programmes have made for families with young children in the 4 LEAP wards. 

The video features interviews with both our Founder at HLP and our Programme Coordinator on the ground delivering our programmes.

Melissa- HLP member- talks first-hand about how she and her family have been enabled to lead healthier lifestyles through HLP’s work. 

While Michael- a volunteer with HLP since 2020- recounts his positive experiences of volunteering on so many of our HLP services. 

We are over 4 years into our partnership with LEAP – a project dedicated to improving outcomes around diet & nutrition for families with children 0-4 and helping families lead healthier, more sustainable lifestyles. 

Find out more about LEAP into Healthy Living and how to join here 

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