The Laughter Challenge- Our New Competition

As our Laughter Yoga sessions with Zeenat are finishing up soon, we want to keep up the laughing for a bit longer and celebrate laughter together. 
Simply, record a short (no more than 30 seconds) video of you and your family or your little ones laughing.  
It can be one of Zeenat’s Laughter Yoga exercises or you can make one up yourselves. Or just laugh for fun…. 
Laugh in random places; laugh with funny costumes on; laugh outside on the terrace; or in the garden; laugh with pets or cuddly toys, your favourite dolls or puppets.  
Let your imagination go wild.  (Using imagination with children improves their self-confidence and can help aid their social interaction).
You can also do a drawing, paint a picture, or make a model on what makes your children laugh; how it feels when they laugh;  what colour is their laughter?
We want to see lots of creativity and style. And we would love to make a video by putting everyone’s laughter clips together. 
Everyone who enters will receive a children’s book as a prize. And the top 3 laughter videos will get a healthy hot food takeaway delivered direct to their door. 
Send your videos to Helen at Healthy Living Platform on 07701 365 551 or email