Teamwork Together at our Brixton Hub

Last week our talented volunteers stepped in urgently, with a last minute call, to help Mala and the team at the Brixton Hub to distribute surplus food to charities and community hubs, whilst the team were off site.

The volunteers worked meticulously and followed instructions and processes on the phone and via e-mail. Jeremy and Luke led the way and came in for 10 consecutive days and Rowan re-scheduled his study time, to help at the hub. They also, advised other volunteers on tasks and handled the sorting, allocating and distribution of food to charities and community

Experienced volunteer- Ben- made long journeys every morning to  collect surplus food from our donors- Fairshare- and then delivered food to our community hubs.                 

Their time and dedication was impeccable, and highly commendable.

Luke says: “I thoroughly enjoyed helping at the hub, amazing experience, with amazing people”

Jeremy says: “Great opportunity to work with wonderful people, and be a part of a great team”

Ben has been a dedicated volunteer since the lockdown in March 2020 and is always ready to help our team- “It was good to see the Fareshare operation and meet the people there. I really enjoyed reconnecting with the staff and volunteers from the Community Hubs again.”

Mala says that communication and training is VITAL. It is important to treat volunteers with respect and acknowledge the time they contribute to communities – “I am always grateful for all that they do and always send them home with a treat, just to say thank you from all of us.”