Results of our pumpkin carving competition

Did you carve a pumpkin for Halloween last week?

We invited our members to share photos of their carved pumpkins with us to be in with a chance to win a healthy cook book.

Here are some of the entries. Vote for your favourite by commenting below.

carved pumpkin on window sill

  1. Carved by member L’s seven-year-old son
carved pumpkin lit up with candle

2. Carved by member E


three carved pumpkins on table

3. These pumpkins were carved by the children of member S


two carved pumpkins on window sill

4. These spooky pumpkins were carved by our member ST


carved pumpkin on yellow plate

5. This one was carved by our Healthy Living Kitchen chef Mandy’s daughter


carved pumpkin on wooden bench

6. And here’s staff member Helen’s effort

Check out our pumpkin carving tips and some ideas for using up the flesh and seeds.