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Zeenat’s Tried and Tested Roti

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  • Chef: Zeenat
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Cost: 10p

Zeenat cooked up these delicious chapatis (roti) in her online Indian Cooking session last week. They are great fun to make with your children as they love kneading and rolling out the chapati dough. Zeenat says: “children’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are developed by chopping, mixing, squeezing and spreading so this is the perfect thing to do at home together.”


1 Small Mug of chappati flour. (Pillsbury Atta. Or Elephant Atta is best but any available at the moment is fine too.) Available at most Indian shops, Amazon, Tesco and most other supermarkets.



Wash hands thoroughly

1. Mix the chapati flour in a bowl with cold water, if you can leave it to rise for a few hours. If you are in a hurry, use lukewarm water.

2. Put small amounts of water into the flour and mix with your hands until the dough is sticking to your hands. Make sure it’s not too runny. If it feels too runny, sprinkle a little dry flour and knead the dough until smooth.

3. Cover the bowl and leave for at least 15 – 30 mins at room temperature. The longer you can leave it, the fluffier the roti.

4. Put the pan on a medium heat.

5. Take a small ball of dough the size of a golf ball and roll it into a thin round chapati shape.

6. Put it on the Tawa (pan)

7. Let it cook for 1 min or until you can see it turning slightly brown.

8. Turn it over until it starts rising. Take care not to pierce it as the air is very hot and can burn. Especially when it is rising children get excited and want to burst it so take care.

Serve your roti with vegetable curry or roasted veg with a side salad. You can also eat them as a snack with a juice or smoothie.