Our Children’s Future

Join Healthy Living Platform to nominate your child as we launch Our Children‘s Future– a celebration of our young people during Black History Month. 

We are often looking to black heroes of the past. This time we want to look into the future and celebrate our young black children and what they will become. 

Send us a photo of your child with a small story about them: what do they want to do for the future? what do they like at school? what are their talents? 
We hope to exhibit your entries in local places where they can be seen by the community. 
Everyone who sends in a nomination will be go into a draw to win a children‘s book celebrating black culture. 
Open to all of our families and their children.

Serena- from the Healthy Living Platform team- writes about her own children Naila and Noah…


“Noah started boxing briefly in 2016 for a few months. He later returned in 2018 and since then he has grown from strength to strength, he is proud of his medals he has achieved and enjoys boxing two times a week. He was recently put up a level and has gone into a more advanced class which made him very proud. Noah wants to be a YouTuber and enjoys Maths at school. He is looking forward to going secondary school next year. 

Boxing has its benefits as well as the physical; it also teaches discipline and self-confidence and working together in a team. He loves sparring and looks forward to doing more of it when he becomes the right age.

Naila started boxing in 2018 at three and a half, she was participating for fun when I brought Noah to his sessions, but she quickly became involved and enjoyed it just as much. Naila is also really pleased with what she has achieved and wears her medals with pride.  A few months ago, Naila had the opportunity to meet Mayor of London- Sadiq Khan, at her boxing ceremony. 

At the moment, Naila says she wants to work in fashion when she grows up, as she loves to experiment with wearing and decorating different clothes.

The fact of the matter is I just want my children to be the best they can be in all they do. I see a promising future for them both and look forward to being alongside them for their journey.”

Email your photos and descriptions to Serena