How to collect your veg bags

As per our previous posts, sadly we have had to cancel all our sessions at present in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. However we realise that it is times like these that having access to healthy food is even more important and for the time being will continue to provide our veg bags. 
For everyone’s safety we have put together the following protocol that we would ask everyone to follow when coming to collect your bags: 


For anyone coming to collect veg bags:

  • In line with the governments new restrictions about going out, we would advise only coming to collect your veg bags instead of shopping. 
  • 1 veg bag per family once a week.
  • If anyone has been in contact with persons showing symptoms of a cold or flu (persistent cough, fever) please do not come to collect your bags and self-isolate for the recommended period.
  • When collecting your bag confirm your name with the staff member or if collecting on behalf of someone else, provide their details. 
  • If you cannot collect your veg bag and wish to receive a bag contact us directly and we will put arrangements in place. 
  • When you arrive at the venue, wash your hands in soap and water for at least 20 seconds.  
  • No more than 1 person at a time in the room where veg bags are stored and for people to queue up preferably outside the centre rather than indoors, with at least 2 metres apart. 
  • Once you receive your veg bag please leave the centre to minimise contact.
  • When you return home, hands should be washed in soap and water for at least 20 seconds. 
  • All fruit and vegetables to be thoroughly washed before eaten or cooked with. 
  • For only staff to handle produce and to fill up the bags. 

For volunteers involved in delivering veg bags – Please see info in previous section which applies. In addition


  • Don’t go into any houses. Communicate to the person in isolation via message or phone call your eta for delivering. Leave food / goods outside the doorstep. Once you have done so, message the person again to confirm this. Take at least 4 steps back from the door to minimise any contact with the other person, but stay until you can see the person has received the delivery safely. Recommend to recipients to wash their hands before handling the vegetables and to wash vegetables thoroughly before using and wash their hands after touching it. 
  • Leave once you have seen that the bag has been received by the right person.
  • Wash or sanitise hands before and after deliveries. When out and about keep a bottle of alcohol hand sanitiser to hand. 


Please call or text Helen if you would like to sign up to a veg bag and food delivery: 07701 365 551

We do vegetable bags and food parcels delivery throughout the week but only one where you can come to collect:

Friday: Myatts Field North Community Centre, 24, Crawshay Road, SW9 6FZ

Please DO NOT come to pick up if you or anyone in your household is showing signs of illness or self-isolating or you are in any of the at-risk groups. Please send a friend to collect for you or contact us. 

Please continue to follow our social channels and stay tuned for any updates.