Half term pumpkin carving competition

Will you be carving a pumpkin this half term? It’s a great indoor activity to do with your children. Why not get your child to draw their design onto the pumpkin and then you can cut it out for them.


Send in your photos of your carved pumpkin to info@healthylivingplatform.org by Monday 2 November and we’ll pick our favourite to win a cookbook as a prize!


Pumpkin carving tips


  • Pumpkin carving requires a sharp knife so take care and we recommend that adults do the carving.
  • Cut a hole out of the bottom of the pumpkin and reach in to scoop out any flesh and seeds leaving a border of around 2 cm. Put the section you cut out back in.
  • Use a stencil or draw your own design on the front of the pumpkin then carefully cut it out.
  • If you want to light a candle inside your pumpkin you’ll need to cut a hole in the top of your pumpkin too and remove this so that the flame has enough oxygen.


Some pumpkins sold for carving come with very little flesh but if yours has flesh please don’t throw it away!


Here  are some ideas for how to avoid wasting your pumpkin:

  • You can roast the seeds – pull off all the flesh, then try mixing with a little oil, and some paprika or ground cumin. Roast at 200°C for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Make a stew or curry with your pumpkin flesh
  • Pumpkin soup is always delicious.
  • Puree it and add to healthy bakes or sauces
  • Make hummus with it.


Or why not try this delicious pumpkin crumble or Zoe’s pumpkin sticky toffee pudding

Some of the recipes featured above are from Mandy’s website www.sneakyveg.com – Mandy works in our Healthy Living Kitchen and also runs our mini chefs sessions.