Food Ambassador opportunity: catering for summer event

We are looking for one or two Food Ambassadors to provide and serve a lunch for 25 adults and 25 children for the LEAP Community Activity & Nutrition (CAN) summer lunch

Where? Liz Atkinson children’s centre

When? Friday 12th August, 12pm with food preparation the day before in kitchen TBC.

What? Healthy vegetarian lunch for 25 women and 25 children. Food to be inspired by dishes from Black African and/or South American/Spanish cultures. There are no facilities on site to re-heat or prepare the food, so this will all need to be made in advance and must be food that can be served at room temperature that doesn’t require re-heating. CAN is a programme for mother’s providing support in relation to nutrition, so the food should be nutritionally balanced and low GI (the CAN team can offer further advice about this). You should also provide a fruit salad as a dessert. Many of the women are Black African and some South American Spanish and we would like the food to reflect the population. 

We can provide volunteers (if required) to assist in the food preparation. On the day you will be expected to serve the food and speak to people about Healthy Living Platform.


 You will need to:

  • Have a Food Hygiene certificate
  • Be a trained HLP Food Ambassador 
  • Have already volunteered with us on previous catering events

 Payment:  £110 in total – either to 1 food ambassador, or if there are 2 of you, this will need to be split between you.

Budget: £30 in total for food (we provide extra surplus on top of this). 

Please text or call Zoe for an informal chat on 07944 240420

Find out more about the CAN programme here

To apply please email and answer the following questions:

  1. What dishes will you prepare
  2. When will you do the advance food preparation?
  3. Which of your dishes can you provide a recipe for?

Deadline: 27th July 4pm