Bags of health

Did you know that we give out over 120 free bags of vegetables and fruit every week?

When you come to one of our cook & eat sessions you can take a bag of healthy food home to help you eat more healthily during the week.

The food is supplied by our partner City Harvest. They source food from supermarkets and wholesalers, that would otherwise be wasted. They have a van that delivers to at least one of our settings every day of the week.

City Harvest knows how needed the food is by our communities and how it is helping people to a) not go hungry and b) lead healthier lifestyles. Earlier this month they celebrated the fact that they have harvested seven million meals using surplus food from their partners.

” This is helping me save money and I can now feed my family healthy meals,” said one of our members.

Many people find it lifts their spirits and inspires them and their children to cook and try new things. “This week was very productive, I learned a new recipe (Mala suggested to me, thank you) and I tried different dishes. Cauiflower and cheese was goooood! My son just loved it. My daughter ate all the carrot sticks and I baked 2 cakes with with lemons, It really helped with budget.”

We hear stories like this all of the time and we have clear evidence that making it easier for people to get hold of fruit and vegetables is inspiring our members to eat more healthily.